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Local man crusading for simple changing tables

"Smithers, a lead force nationally in the push to place changing tables in restrooms, was responding to President Barack Obama signing a law making changing tables mandatory in all federal buildings' restrooms."

Dads want more diaper changing tables

"The website Changing Table Locator lists more than 3,000 facilities nationwide that are "family-friendly" for changing diapers, only accessible to women or have no changing table."

Counter or Floor? Where Do I Put the Changing Pad?

"Our solution is simple: If you can offer a high chair or booster seat, then you better offer a changing table in the men’s and women’s room, or have a family restroom."

A “Changing Table Locator” App May Soon Become A Reality

"If the Changing Table Locator app comes to fruition, that’ll be a great thing..."

Let’s make this changing table locator app a reality!

"Well, there’s an app for that. Or at least there might be soon."

Parents push for changing tables in public restrooms

"The movement gained momentum earlier this year when actor Ashton Kutcher publicly added his support."

Potty parity: Dads fight for diaper-changing tables in men's rooms

"Here’s the problem: When the critical moment arrives, women who are out and about with a baby can usually find a changing table in a women’s restroom, but fathers taking care of infants are frequently out of luck in the men’s room."

The Following Companies Have Been Selected to Pitch!

"Changing Table Locator"

Ashton Kutcher calls for changing tables in men’s restrooms

"Ashton Kutcher is seeking change – in the restroom."

California Considers Law To Put Diaper Changing Tables In Men's Restrooms

"The state of California is considering two bills that would make it so that men's restrooms would legally have to have the same access to diaper changing tables as women's restrooms."

Counter or Floor? Where Do I Put The Changing Pad?

"Our app will be user friendly and parents will be able to add new locations while traveling"

These 900+ companies are leaning in to support female leadership



"And our very own MyLifeSuckers peep Jacob Smithers has been talking about this problem for years."

When Crazy Meets Exhaustion

"My husband, Jacob, and Ashton = NOT lazy dads."